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1. Any wording in BLUE is a link to the specific page

2. On the "Meetings" page, the BOD and General Membership Minutes can be sorted with the "Document Category" drop down box


New Content:

12/16/2019 - Added under the "Our History" Menu:

  1. SRQ Written History
  2. SRQ Road Paving and field restoration
  3. Past Presidents
  4. Presidents Choice Awards
  5. Member of the Year Awards
  6. Model Wife Awards
  7. Member Memorial (Must be Logged In)

12/12/2019 - How to post your "BUY/SELL/TRADE" Added to menu

12/10/2019 - Pictures and Videos from WARBIRDS 2019 now posted

12/07/2019 - Added Pictures from the WARBIRDS Fly-In

11/28/2019 - Added The SRQ Field Rules


Attn: SRQ Members:

To view your membership, club roster, Meeting Minutes and a few other things, please login by using the Login on the right just under the rotating banner. Your username is your email address and your password is your AMA number. If you don't have an email address on file with the club your username is the first letter of your first name combined with your last name. If you can't log in then click "reset password" to set your password as you choose. If you still can't login email me and I can reset it but please use that as a last ditch effort. All members should login to make sure they have access to all the clubs doings. Thanks.......

Keith Dennis

11/23/2019 - General Membership Meeting minutes Added
11/17/2019 - Added content to the "PHOTO GALLERY" page

11/11/2019 - Added a "History" page with YOUTUBE links at the bottom
11/10/2019 - Added a "What's New" option under the "Our Club" menu option

11/09/2019 - BOD meeting minutes Added

11/06/2019 - New "Social" menu option added for SRQ Events on Facebook, YOUTUBE and Instagram


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