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SRQ Road Paving: Proposal (Page 1 of 2)

March 25, 2015

This is an abbreviated transcript of the presentation made by David Speed
on our road and parking lot at the Membership meeting of 3/25/2015

I used to fly off of a football field and a dog track parking lot. When I came to Sarasota, I thought I had found a dream field to fly from, and I have. I have come to realize; however, that there are a couple of things that prevent this field from being a true world class facility. I believe one of them is not having a paved access road and parking lot.

As you all know, we are about 20 days from the start of the county bringing a paved road up to our leased area. The county originally planned to bring the road all the way up to and including the far east parking area. The engineering, surveying and design have all been done. One problem: the county ran out of money, and stopped their funding at our leased area. The road will come only up to our leased area as a 20’ wide road. (Our leased area begins where the silt fence ends.)

The shell road is currently 14' wide up near the top of our road. Most roads have a crown to divert the water off to the sides. In our case the road will have a reverse crown to contain the water in the center of the road so it can flow to the bottom of the hill and onto a splashway and drainage system.

A proposal has been made to the club by the contractor to continue the road from where the county is stopping, all the way to the far east end of our existing shell parking lot, as originally designed by the county.

For pricing purposes, the contractor divided the project into 2 phases. Phase 1 would stop at about the porta-pottie. Phase 2 would continue all the way to the far east end. (See drawing)

Phase 1 photo     Phase 2 photo

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The design has been done, the engineering has been done, the surveying has been done, permits are in place, and the contractor is going to be onsite so the mobilization costs are next to zero. If we do not take this opportunity NOW, realistically, it will never happen.

I know there will be naysayers, and I don't have a problem if the objections are that they don't like the looks of pavement, or they think it is too much money, or they like watching the girl at the carwash dry their car every week because their car gets so dirty. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but they are NOT entitled to their own FACTS.

I have heard members having discussions about runoff. I have met with the contractor when the test holes were dug and have met with the contractor's project superintendent and foreman to discuss runoff. I also spent a couple of hours with ATKINS Engineering (based in Tampa) and their P.E. in charge of stormwater runoff.

Let me tell you what I learned. I have a civil engineering background and have studied advanced calculus, but after about 45 minutes, my head hurt from watching the calculations being made. They agreed to run some computer simulations to see how much increase in runoff we would have at different rain volumes if we were to pave the entire lot. During a light rain, there will be an increase in runoff to the north side of the parking lot. For a 1" rain in 1 hour, it will add about 5 gallons a minute to the runoff over the entire parking lot. That is less than a 3/4" garden hose. As the rain increases, the increased runoff is about 1%. If we get 1,000 gallons of runoff now, we will be getting 1010 gallons if we pave the lot. Nobody here could tell the difference.

The reason for this is that the existing shell lot is so tightly packed, it absorbs very little water before becoming saturated and unable to absorb any more water. These figures are based on current slopes, and it is hoped that the contractor will be able to tweak the slope in our favor during the construction process.

Our current lease expires on September 9, 2020. Yes, we have to execute a 5 year renewal clause in our contract by September 9 this year, but it is only a formality. Everyone I spoke to in the Parks and Recreation and in Waste Management love us. A quote from a Sarasota County representative was “as far as the county is concerned, you guys will be there forever.” Unless we do something stupid, we are not going anywhere.

Cost, of course is a major issue. I have received a quote from the contractor and for Phase 1, and the quotation is for $47,766. Those of you who asked me what I thought it would be based on my 30 years in the construction business, know I estimated below $50,000. Pretty close! The quotation for Phase 2 of the project is $26,745.

This expenditure requires NO special assessment. We have the money. Based on our last 7 years of membership levels, we will replace the money for Phase 1 in the reserve accounts in 5 years. You will all be complaining that we have too much money again!


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