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conditions are acceptable for turbine aircraft operation

Turbine Aircraft

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    • For those who are new to the Radio Controlled Aircraft Hobby and are considering joining the Sarasota RC Squadron, please talk to Mike Pass, Membership Chairman (941-724-3995), before purchasing an airplane. Minimum Aircraft requirements for training at Sarasota RC Squadron are a 55" minimum wing span and three batteries if the aircraft is electric powered.

  • DUES

    • SRQ dues are $75.00 per year payable in advance. Family and Junior memberships are available. Refer to the Application Form or see below for details.


    • There is a one-time Initiation Fee, nonrefundable, of $60.00 ($20.00 Junior) due at the time of entry into SRQ.

    • Membership ends each year on December 31st regardless of the date an applicant joins SRQ. Membership for applicants joining after September 30, will be valid for the remainder of that year and all of the following year.


    • To join SRQ you must be a member of the ACADEMY OF MODEL AERONAUTICS. Members over 19 as of July 1 shall maintain an OPEN membership. Members under 19 as of July 1 shall maintain a YOUTH membership. A PARK PILOT PROGRAM membership is not sufficient to join SRQ. Click "HERE" if you have not joined the AMA yet.


    • If you are renewing a current membership you will receive a pre-filled membership application in the mail. Check that the application is correct, make any changes necessary and mail the application to the address provided along with proof of your AMA membership for the next calendar year.

    • NEW: An application can be filled ONLINE. The Application will be automatically emailed to the sitting treasurer to hold until your Membership payment is received. Click HERE to fill out online.


    • A Membership Application can be completed on your computer. Click HERE. Print, Sign and mail, with your check and proof of your CURRENT AMA Membership to:

      • 8730 Bee Ridge Road Box # 3
      • Sarasota, Fl 34241-6303
    • NEW: An Application can now be filled ONLINE. Once completed a copy will be emailed to the sitting Treasurer who will hold it until your Membership / Initiation fee is received. Click HERE to join online.

    • if you are mailing an application, Submit a separate application for each family member. The junior initiation fee does not apply to juniors within a Family Membership. When your application is received by the treasurer it will be processed in accordance with this PROCEDURE.

    • If you are submitting an application online, only the main applicant need fill out a renewal. All other family members will be included automatically.


    • REGULAR MEMBERSHIP: Flying and voting rights. Requires AMA Membership. $75.00

    • JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: Under the age of 18 with flying and voting rights at reduced initiation fee and membership dues. Requires AMA Membership. $20.00

    • FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: Flying and voting rights for each family member at reduced membership dues. Requires AMA Membership. $100.00

    • ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Neither flying nor voting rights. No AMA membership is required. $20.00

    • HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: Flying and voting rights & no initiation fee or membership dues. Such members will be elected by a majority of members present at a monthly membership meeting.  Requires AMA Membership.

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