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We are an AMA Chartered Remote Control Airplane Club.





As expected the situation with the county was going to change rapidly as the COVID19 pandemic progressed.  I received word that our field will be closed until April 30, 2020.   Please do not try and access the site as the county was very clear that we are NOT to be on the property at all.  The county will be patrolling our area to ensure that our area stays safe and secure.

Also, I know I will get asked this question, “If our field is closed why are the walking trails still open?”  Well the answer is, it was the decision of the county’s public utilities department to close all sites that they manage, which includes the property our field sits on.  The trails are the responsibility of the parks department.


Patrick Morris

Sarasota RC Squadron President



Attn: SRQ Members:

The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting each and every one of us. We want to ensure
that we focus on the health and safety of our membership and our mission to remain one of the
best clubs in the area.

We had hoped to not have to cancel/postpone any of our events or meetings, but given the rapid
spread of COVID-19 across the U.S., it is clear we need to move to suspend events and meetings
of the club until further notice. We know this decision is disappointing to our members, but this
is the most prudent step to take for the welfare of our members.

March Membership meeting – March 21, 2020 is being cancelled.

Air Fair – April 25, 2020 is being postponed until further notice.

The Sarasota Radio Control Squadron will continue to be open for general flying for the time
being, but please take proper precautions when at the field. Don’t gather in large groups, make
sure that you are using hand sanitizer whenever possible. I also understand that you may not
want to miss a good day of flying, but if you feel under the weather, have been near someone
who does not feel well, or anyone at risk for having the COVID-19 virus please stay at home out
of consideration for your fellow members. I am staying in constant contact with our county
representative so that we are kept apprised of possible closures of county parks.


Patrick Morris
President, Sarasota RC Squadron

SRQ Presiden Martin DeRoy donating Teddy Bears to the Sarasota Police dept for kids in need.

The Teddy Bears were collected at the WARBIRDS Over Sarasota 2019 Fly-In.


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