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New Member Procedure


  1. The applicants submit their SRQ membership applications to the Treasurer along with payment of all fees, proof of their current AMA membership, and any other required waivers or licenses (Turbine Waiver, FCC license, Etc.).

  2. If the paperwork is incorrect or incomplete, the Treasurer notifies the applicant, returns or holds the application until corrections are made.

  3. The Treasurer forwards applications to the Membership Chairman, who uses the applications to update the club database, make membership badges, give orientation to new members, and retain club applications for at least one year.

  4. The Treasurer is responsible for providing the new applicants with the following:

    1. “New Member Orientation and Safety Program” document.

    2. A “SRQ Club and Instructor Release Agreement” if applicable.

    3. A “Welcome Letter” informing new members that they are required to attend an orientation class and other pertinent information regarding training, contact numbers, etc.

  5.  Members complete the orientation class and sign the required applicable documents. It is the responsibility of the Membership Chairman to determine if those who have not asked for flight training are qualified to fly. If they are not, the Membership Chairman will inform the Training Coordinator.

  6. New members will receive their SRQ membership badges and the current SRQ club manual at the time of orientation.

  7. Membership Chairman informs the Training Coordinator of those new members who have asked for flight training.

  8. The Training Coordinator is responsible for contacting and training the instructors. The students are responsible for contacting the Training Coordinator to arrange for training. The students are also responsible for contacting their assigned instructor to set up the training schedule.

  9. The Flight Instructor notifies the Training Coordinator that a student pilot has successfully soloed. The Membership Chairman provides the Solo Certificates and arranges for the certificates to be presented at the next membership meeting.