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We are an AMA Chartered Remote Control Airplane Club.

Attention ALL SRQ Members:
The field is open. There is no striping as of yet. It will be added in a couple weeks when the asphalt has setteled.

Fellow SRQer,
At the January Board meeting, we reviewed the proposed changes to the current bylaws and agreed to put these before the general membership for consideration at the upcoming meeting. Please review and bring any recommendations for edits or additional changes to the meeting for discussion. The changes are listed under the "Members Only" tab.
Anthony Lassiter, President


As we are rapidly coming up on the holidays, this will likely be the last update before the New Year. I am happy to be able to end the year on good news.
  1. Alden has made great progress on the facilities upgrades and rebuilds. Redesigned trash receptacles are in place. These will have hinged, latching tops to prevent birds and other animals from spreading garbage. Replacement table and bench construction is up next.
  2. We have treated the runway ends, perimeter and taxiway edges with multiple herbicides in preparation for repaving.
  3. If you have been to the field lately, you have no doubt noticed that the county has completed repair of the sink hole at the east end of the runway. We are very grateful that they moved us up on their schedule to coincide nicely with the overall repaving. There is still a bit of compacting and grading remaining but the work is mostly done.
  4. Due to the generosity of several late donors, we are able to complete entire project including repaving without loans. Funding for the runway extension was courtesy of a few benefactors (thank you!) with no club money required.
Repaving is set to start mid-January. I will post the exact dates once finalized. The project is anticipated to take 3-4 days once started. I want to thank all who contributed including support from outside our club. Without your generous support, this project would not have been possible. We are now in a great position to start 2021 with a premier RC facility.
SRQ Board
Anthony Lassiter, President



SRQ RC Squadron is pleased to announce a new "FPV pilot program" trial as a new and exciting way to fly RC model aircraft at our Club. Flying fixed wing model aircraft via FPV (First Person View) is an emerging aspect of the future of remote-control model aviation. It combines the tradition of flying fixed wing model aircraft with the immersive experience of being able to put yourself "in the cockpit". This method of flying is a great entry way into our hobby for new pilots and aviation enthusiasts and is a great alternative to flying via Line of Sight (LOS). To participate in SRQ RC Squadron's FPV pilot program, pilots must strictly adhere at all times to AMA guidelines and SRQ RC Squadron's field rules and regulations.
- FPV pilots must follow AMA rules and regulations as outlined in the AMA 550 documentation found here:
- FPV pilots must remain within the existing flight box at all times.
- FPV will be allowed for fixed wing aircraft only (electric, nitro, gas).

- New members seeking to fly via FPV at our club must be certified through orientation with a Club member and must pass a basic FPV knowledge and demonstration test.
Howell Smith IV, Secretary
Anthony Lassiter, President



All SRQ Members. Membership renewals have started, you can renew anytime starting now.  Your membership renewal can now be done online via PayPal which is preferred. Simply log into your account and click the "Join / renew Your Membership" button on the left. You do not have to have a PayPal account to renew online and it is very secure. If you do not want to pay thru PayPal, you can still renew online and then send a check in the mail. If you can't log into your account send an email to and I can reset your password for you. If you have any questions about this process just send questions to the above email and I can help. For everyone else, I will email renewals in November. Thanks in advance for renewing online......Keith SRQ Treasurer





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