Your browser does not support JavaScript! SARASOTA R.C. SQUADRON


  • A single line (flight line), north of the runway pilot line, has been established for all modeling activity, one side of which is for flying, the other side for pilots, helpers and spectators.

  • Prohibited actions include, but not limited to:

    • Deliberate flying behind the flight line.

    • Directing exhaust or prop wash toward another model or modeler.

    • Flying beyond the designated boundaries of the field.

    • Taxiing in the pit area.

  • Pre-Flight actions:

    • Preflight your model before the first flight of the day.

    • When starting your engine, have the model restrained.

    • Adjustment of the model engine must be done from behind the propeller.

  • All turbine powered flights must have a qualified spotter next to the pilot during the entire flight. A qualified spotter shall be a current AMA member who is at least 18 years of age.

  • Aircraft stalled on the runway should be retrieved as quickly as possible.

  • Intent to walk across the flight line or onto the runway shall be announced before doing so. A spotter should be requested by the person entering the runway area, to watch for landing aircraft.

  • Engines are to be run in the start-up area only, not the pits.

  • Engine break-in or extended engine tune-up is to be done in the designated break-in area at the east end of the pits.