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  • All transmitters must meet AMA and FCC current standards.

  • Each pilot must have the correct SRQ frequency control pin attached to his transmitter prior to operation of that transmitter.

  • All transmitters shall be placed in the transmitter impound when not in use.

  • Frequency control pins may not be removed from another pilot’s transmitter without the acknowledgement of that pilot and the placement of that transmitter into the impound area.

  • Anyone operating a transmitter without possession of the correct frequency control pin, thereby causing the crash of another pilot’s aircraft on the same frequency who is in possession of the correct frequency control pin, is liable for all damages and injuries resulting from such crash. These may include, but are not necessarily limited to:

    • Repair or replacement of radio equipment;

    • Repair or replacement of engine; Repair or replacement of aircraft.

  • The monetary value of damage to models should be determined by the parties involved. If satisfactory assessment of such damage cannot be reached in this manner, all parties agree to be bound by an evaluation made by the Club’s current Board of Directors.

  • Any accident involving personal injury or damage to property other than models shall be immediately reported to an SRQ officer or current member of the Board of Directors.