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  • Servicing engines on the runway is prohibited.

  • Two-stroke engines will be equipped with an effective muffler.

  • There shall be no more than five (5) aircraft in the air at one time except during controlled exhibitions.

  • All fixed-wing powered aircraft flights shall be controlled from a designated area adjacent to the runway.

  • Pilots shall ensure safe clearance onto the runway by looking both ways, then announcing their intent to enter the runway for takeoff prior to doing so.

  • Pilots shall announce their intent to land prior to doing so.

  • All aircraft shall land on the active runway of the flight line in accordance with a left hand or right hand traffic pattern approach. Wind direction shall determine the appropriate approach direction.

  • Emergency and dead stick landing aircraft shall have priority.

  • Aircraft sound emission limits:

    • Statically with plane on a hard surface: meter 12" high in propeller plane, greater of left and right sides: 104dB(A) at 9ft., or 103dB(A) at 10ft., or 98dB(A) at 18ft. (primary static test standard).

    • In flight: 55dB(A) at Misty Creek, 71dB(A) at 440ft., limits at other appropriate distances to be determined using the club performance curve standard.

    • Enforcement on an airplane-by-airplane basis.

  • Voluntary testing at monthly testing sessions on Saturday following each monthly club meeting or during the week as prearranged with a committee member.

    • Individually as requested by a committee member.

    • At sanctioned events.

    • Mandatory compliance, cited airplane grounded.

    • Mandatory retest and certification before flying cited airplane.

    • Permanent records kept by committee.

  • Penalties for non-compliance; referred to Board of Directors for appropriate action if:

    • Member refuses to comply with test request,

    • Aircraft is not retested and certified within 30 days,

    • Aircraft is flown without retesting and certification,

    • Details posted in newsletter.

  • Advisory assistance to resolve technical problems.