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  • If an AMA or SRQ rule is violated by an individual, the infraction must be brought to the attention of the Safety Officer by no less than three (3) SRQ members. This infraction will be reviewed and documented, and the individual will be notified by the Safety Officer of the violation.

  • If a second infraction is reported in the same manner as above, the Safety Officer will report the infraction to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may suspend that individual’s flying privileges for thirty (30) days.

  • If a third infraction is reported to the Board of Directors in the same manner as above within a twelve (12) month period, the individual’s SRQ membership may be terminated in accordance with Article V of the SRQ By-Laws. However, he may reapply after a one year period.

  • Infractions cannot be accumulated beyond one year. The Safety Officer will maintain appropriate records, such that an infraction occurring after one year from the first infraction shall be treated in accordance with paragraph 1 above, and restart the sequence.

  • Should an individual violate his suspension, his SRQ membership may be terminated, in accordance with Article V of the SRQ By-Laws.