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  • All model aircraft operation shall be in accordance with the official Academy of Model Aeronautics(AMA) Safety Code and these field rules.

  • All pilots shall be current members of the AMA.

  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden at the flying field.

  • Pilots must have both a current AMA License and a current SRQ membership or be a valid registered guest for verification when engaged in flying activities at the SRQ field.

  • SRQ will issue I.D. badges annually to active members.

    • This I.D. badge must be displayed by each member for easy viewing.

    • All SRQ members must have their current I.D. badge at the field and connected to the frequency board when a frequency pin is in use by them.

  • Sponsoring members shall be responsible for the conduct of their guest’s at all times while using the SRQ facility. Additionally, the sponsoring member must advise the guest that his use of the facility is subject to the same rules and regulations that the member must adhere to, including AMA, SRQ and any other rules and regulations that may be in effect from time to time.

  • The SRQ sponsoring member shall be responsible to make the guest aware of all SRQ FIELD RULES, pages 15 through 19 of the membership manual, to include the inside back cover of the manual which depicts the fly zone.

  • The Guest Registration Form, the Guest Badges and the SRQ Field Rules
    are in a ring binder on the desk in the Operations Building.

  • Guest Registration Form

  • All members shall:

    • Ensure that spectators be aware of restricted areas

    • Leash their pets;

    • Supervise their children;

    • See that their pit area is free of litter, cigarette butts, airplane parts, etc.