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July 16, 2014

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm by Operations Officer Vince Veltri in Commander John Hall’s absence.

  • There were 9 members present.

  • Mike led us in the pledge to our flag.

  • Operations Officer Vince Veltri read the minutes from the previous meeting. There was a motion to accept, a second and the motion passed.

  • Executive Officer Ed Buchholz gave a Treasury report:

    • There was a beginning balance of $xxx

    • Income of $xxx

    • Expenses of $xxx

    • Ending balance of $xxx

  • Old Business:

    • Tom Smith is, once again, chairing the annual GES Christmas party/dinner committee and we are hoping to schedule the event for December 5th at Serenoa Golf and Country Club Tom will report back with a firm date.

    • Paul Jantzen has confirmed the Fall swap meet date for November 29th. He started a discussion on whether we should continue holding a swap meet or if we should only hold it once each year. It was decided that we will continue with two events each year. Paul will advise the dates available. It was suggested by Jamie Garrett that we expand our swap meet to include model boats, cars & trains. All present thought was a good idea to boost participation.

  • New Business:

    • There was no new business.

  • Show and Tell:

    • Vince reported on the purchase of an R/C Trainer he obtained to teach his three grandsons to fly. It is an “Apprentice” from Horizon Hobby and is complete and RTF (ready to fly) including Tx, Lipo battery and servos and Rx installed and features a 3 axis stabilization system that makes it just about crash proof. The boys soloed on there second flight.

  • Raffle was won by Jim Martin.

  • Meeting adjourned at

Respectfully submitted,
Vince Veltri Operations Officer

sarasota rc squadron