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April 24th 2019
  • Call to order and Pledge to the Flag: 7:04pm

  • President’s report including new and old business:

  • $745 was spent on repairs for the ATV: new steering rack and column, new tie rods and bearings.

  • There will be no May membership meeting.

  • Security:

  • The new systems is installed and running. BOD will research getting WI-FI for real-time viewing of security cameras.

  • The club picnic is scheduled for 5-18, with hamburgers and hot dogs provided for club members.

  • The “Classroom on Wheels” visitation, 4-24&25 was a success.

  • Air Fair 2019 is on schedule for 4-27. Coffee and doughnuts will be available for purchase.

  • Vice President’s Report:

  • Steve Sundheimer advised that the final insurance settlement for hurricane damage should be decided at a meeting with the company agents on 5-2-19.

  • Treasurers Report:

  • The March financial report as presented by Keith Dennis was accepted without revision.

  • Secretary’s Report:

  • The March membership and April BOD meeting minutes were approved as presented by Dave Hasler on the club web site.

  • Program:

  • Three videos:

    • Landing mishaps

    • Boeing Stratocruiser

    • Convair 990

  • Adjournment: 7:50pm 

April 10TH, 2019
  • Call to order: 6:05PM

  • BOD members present:

    • Martin DeRoy

    • Steve Sundheimer

    • Dave Hasler

    • Keith Dennis

    • Mike Cameron

    • Lou Magliano

  • Guests present:

    • John Hall

    • John Sparrazza

  • Financial report:

    • The March report was accepted without revision as presented by Treasurer Dennis.

  • Secretaries report:

    • March BOD meeting and membership minutes were accepted as published on the SRQ website.

  • New and old business:

    • Brandell Quinta violation review postponed until the combined April membership/May BOD meeting.

  • Air Faire 2019:

    • John Hall announced that a powered glider has been donated as a raffle prize.

    • No confirmation yet on availability of full Belly Burger food truck.

  • Club picnic:

    • Burgers and hot dogs will be provided at no charge to club members.

  • P/C flight simulator:

    • A new desktop PC is required at a cost of $110.

    • Proposals were discussed for WiFi installation primarily to facilitate remote viewing of security cameras.

  • New member orientation:

    • BOD members will assume duties formerly handled by Mike Pass.

  • Maintenance building lock code:

    • Agreed that the combination should be changed for security reasons.

  • New member promotion:

    • Keith Dennis has posted the club web site on Google business and is receiving some responses.

  • April membership meeting program:

    • You Tube aviation videos.

  • Final hurricane repair receipts are now available and will be provided to the to the insurance company for reimbursement shortly.

  • Adjournment 6:55