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SRQ Membership Meeting Minutes
February 27TH, 2019
  • President DeRoy’s Report:

    • The master brake cylinder on the ATV was replaced. It is now operable.

    • The lawn mower has been picked up for repair.

    • The runway has been resurfaced and striped and is in use.

    • The county has advised the club that rotor-drone flying is not allowed in any county parks because of potential disturbance to wildlife.

    • A club swap meet is scheduled for March 16. Flyers need to circulated to local hobby shops.

    • The club picnic is scheduled for May 18. Having a food truck for lunch is being considered.

  • Vice President Sundheimer’s Report:

    • The insurance company should be sending the hurricane damage expense check in an amount over $3,000 soon.

  • Treasurers report:

    • President DeRoy read the June financial report in Keith Dennis’ absence. It was accepted without revision.

  • Secretary Hasler’s Report:

    • The January BOD meeting and membership meeting minutes have been published on the SRQ web site.

  • New Business:

    • The FAA requires all models to display member ID number, effective 2-25-19.

  • Meeting adjourned at 8: 12pm.


February 6th, 2019
  • Call to order : 6PM

  • Board members present:

    • Martin DeRoy

    • Steve Sundheimer

    • Dave Hasler,

    • Keith Dennis

    • Mike Cameron

    • Lou Magliano.

    • Guest: John Hall.

  • Treasurers Report:

    • The financial report was accepted without objection as presented by Treasurer Dennis.

  • Secretaries Report:

    • The January 2019 membership and BOD meeting Minutes were accepted as published by Secretary Hasler.

  • New & Old Business:

    • CD John Hall confirmed that the Air Fair event is sanctioned for 4-27. Refreshments possibly provided by Full Belly Burger. VP Sundheimer to solicit for raffle prizes. Golden Age Fly In scheduled for Sept 21 or 28, Warbirds, Dec 7.

  • Runway repair:

    • Runway, taxiway and sidewalks to be edged and weeds killed in preparation for sealing from 2-13 through 2-15. Sealing cost is $3,200 with an additional $500 required for the equipment and supplies required for the prep work.

    • ATV to be picked up in February for brake repair.

    • Club Picnic scheduled for May 18.

    • Confusion over insurance settlement has been resolved with reimbursement of approximately $3,500 due soon.

    • A swap meet is scheduled for March 16.

    • David Speed’s memorial service to be held at St. Andrew Church, Sarasota on Feb 9 at 11AM.

  • Program:

    • Giant Scale Fly-In in England video presentation.

    • Current Membership: 156.

  • Adjournment: 7:10 PM


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