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December 5th 2016
  • President Sundheimer called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.

  • Board members present: S. Sundheimer, D. Speed, D. Bobb, D. Hasler, M. DeRoy, K. Dennis.

  • President’s report to members:

    • The Warbirds event was Saturday, December 3rd. The net income was $722.00.

    • A plaque for Norm Harris’ award will be presented at David Speed’s annual Christmas party.

    • The Englewood RC Club has closed. We can expect additional members.

    • It is noted that publicity for AMA sanctioned events is supported by AMA with: $150.00 for TV coverage $100.00 for radio coverage $25.00 for local/community print coverage.

  • VP Dave Hasler’s Report:

  • The raffle for the Januarys Membership Meeting are 12 volt battery, glider and steel glue.

  • The January Membership Meeting program is TBA.

  • Treasurer Keith Dennis’ Report:

    • The November 2016 Financials were presented and approved.

    • Membership count: 284

  • Secretary Martin DeRoy’s Report:

    • November Membership Meeting Minutes were approved as presented.

  • Maintenance:

    • It was recommended that the balance of 2016 maintenance budget used for two (2) security cameras.

    • Four (4) new stools were purchased for the flight boxes.

  • New Business:

    • The issue of asking volunteers to do some of the maintenance chores and restoring tables was addressed. The membership must take on the responsibilities.

  • President Sundheimer is preparing the 2017 event calendar for the county to review. Events include: Air Fare, Warbirds, Fun Fly and picnic. Up for consideration is a car show with a Fun Fly featuring combat and helicopter demonstrations.

  • Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 pm