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October 23rd 2016
  • President Sundheimer called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm. 27 members were in attendance. David Speed led the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • President Sundheimer asked members in attendance to help with the various ‘chores’ at the field – trash removal, keeping fridg and sink clean, facilities clean and in order, mowing, etc. A minimum of six (6) volunteers is needed. Talk with Dick Bobb, Maintenance Director.

  • He also noted that the assistance for the December (12/3) Warbirds is appreciated. Please contact John Hall.

  • President Sundheimer asked for officer and committee reports:

    • VP Hasler announced the raffle and tonight’s program.

    • Without objections or changes, the secretary’s minutes from September were accepted.

    • Treasurer Keith Dennis delivered the September financials. Accepted as read.

    • Maintenance – no issues.

    • Safety – no issues.

  • Old Business:

    • Al Jensen remarked to the meeting attendees that the club participation has dropped off considerably and that it is the volunteers that of the club that make it strong and independent. Please make specific requests to the board of the needs of maintenance and projects.

    • Jack Deutch announced the Reach Across America program placing wreaths on 13,000 graves at the Sarasota National Cemetery on December 17, 2016. He asked for donations to fund the program.

  • New Business:

  • Vince Veltri, Nominating Committee Chairman, announced and introduced the candidates for the 2017 board members:

    • President: Steve Sundheimer

    • Vice President: Dave Hasler

    • Treasure: Keith Dennis

    • Secretary: Martin DeRoy

      • Board members:

        • David Speed

        • Al Miller

        • Dick Bobb

  • Program:

    • Nick Ziroli gave a program highlighting his history and career in the modeling industry. The slide and narrative program was informative, interesting and entertaining. Thank you Nick!

  • Raffle:

    • The prize this month was a balance device and CA glue

  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm  

October 7th 2016
  • President Sundheimer called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. All board members were present.

  • President’s report to members:

    • Three (3) fans have been installed under the sun shades. It was noted that several fan timers need replaced. The balance of fans will be replaced as budget allows during calendar/fiscal year 2017.

    • Steve and David Speed to approach local TV stations to promote December Warbirds event.

    • Vince Veltri has agreed to head up 2017 nominating committee. All current board members have agreed to extend to their two (2) year limit except Dick Bobb, who will continue to direct the maintenance committee. The club is requesting volunteers to commit to helping Dick with the maintenance of the field.

    • Security cameras are being reviewed for upgrades and additional cameras. Any additional expense will be subject to the available 2017 maintenance budget.

    • The field lease requires a list of club activities/events. Steve is handling this communication with county. One benefit to the county is the availability of the property to citizens other than club members.

    • The SRQ Sheriff’s office has requested using the field two (2) afternoons a month for quad copter training. Steve is negotiating the details of the Sheriff Department’s AMA insurance, copters ‘N’ number requirement with FAA and #503 form. It was discussed which might be the designated area for their training.

  • There were no safety issues to report.

  • VP Dave Hasler’s Report:

    • The raffle information for the October Membership Meeting was sent to Keith for posting on website.

    • The October Membership Meeting program will be Nick Ziroli’s presentation on the history of R/C modeling.

  • Treasurer Keith Dennis’ Report:

    • September 2016 Financials were presented and approved.

    • Membership count: 277.

    • AMA membership renewals are being confirmed. Necessary reminders to members will be sent to members. New members renew on date of joining AMA verses December 31.

  • Secretary Martin DeRoy’s Report:

    • September Membership Meeting Minutes were approved as presented.

  • Maintenance:

    • A battery tender for cart was recommended.

  • New Business:

    • A discussion to consider paving stones from parking lots to sun shades. It was decided that the few times per year that the ground is too wet to walk does not justify the expense.

  • Meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm