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November 25, 2015
  • President Jantzen called the meeting to order at 7:15 and began by leading those present in the Pledge of Allegiance since Mike Winter was absent.

  • The Pres. Then called on Vince Veltri who explained that the raffle for the evening would be held for multiple items including a $50 gift certificate a gallon of nitro fuel and some other items.

  • There being no special guest to welcome Pres. Jantzen moved right into his president’s report.

  • President’s Report:

    • The President had recently received a serious complaint that some members had been flying over the county facilities which are just outside our northern flight boundry.The lady who reported the infraction saw it occur twice in one day , morning and afternoon. President Jantzen once again pointed out the importance of being careful to fly only within our prescribe box and to be certain that if any member observes any flyers moving outside the box too pleased say something to those individuals.

    • The President then called for a motion to approve last month’s minutes as published. The motion was made and passed unanimously.

  • Treasurer’s Report:

    • Martin DeRoy then rose to present the financial report for the month of October. The motion was made and passed to accept the report as presented.

    • In Al Jensen’s absence Martin reported that the present membership of the club stands at 289 members.

  • Old Business:

    • None

  • New Business:

    • The election was the next order of business and after the votes were counted the newly Elected officers were:

      • President

        • Steve Sundheimer

      • Vice Pres.

        • Dave Hesler

      • Secretary

        • Martin DeRoy

      • Treasurer

        • Keith Dennis

      • Board

        • Dick Bobb

        • Al Miller

        • Dave Speed

  • At this point the Pres Jantzen reminded those present that the upcoming Warbirds event was to take place on Dec 5th and that John Hay was the CD and was still looking for Volunteers.

  • Show and Tell:

    • Brad Fuller brought his new Zirloli B-25 to the meeting and all agreed that the model was as good as any model can get. After giving it some thought Brad figured out that he had 12 servos to run everything. The Plane was powered by two gasoline 50cc engines and has a wingspan of 118”.For those members not present at the meeting it can be assured that they missed out on inspecting up close the work of a true master modeler.

  • As a special treat the break featured pizza and soft drinks which was delivered by Domino’s.

  • The Raffle was then held with multiple winners including Bill Kimbrell (3 times), Al Miller,Joe Fast,and JIm Holloman.

  • There being no further business Pres Jantzen adjourned the meeting at 8:03pm

    Mike Cameron  


November 2, 2015
  • President Jantzen called the meeting to order at 7:00pm all members being present. David Speed was also in attendance as a guest.


    • Pres. Jantzen reported to the Board that he had received a complaint from a county official regarding some individual (or individuals) flying directly over the buildings which the county operates and which are well beyond our northern flight boundary. Also the complaint goes further in claiming that some violators have also over flown the cell tower which is a nesting site for birds. The Board members discussed this problem at length and the main point made was that simply talking to repeat offenders is not enough and that the club needs to focus on what can be done to enforce infractions against these critical rules for flyers. In the case of boundary violations the difficulty lies in the proof of accusation since the offender can easily argue that he was not out of bounds. The discussion of the board is that an e-mail will be sent to all members highlighting the seriousness of this problem and that the Board members, for now, will take it upon themselves to be watchful for violators and speak to those individuals and forcefully bring home to them that the very existence of the field is threatened by these violations.


    • None


    • Martin DeRoy presented October’s financial report and during the ensuing discussion Dave Speed pointed out an accounting error regarding deferred dues which were incorrectly booked as income instead of being booked as a balance sheet entree . The motion to accept the financial report was then modified to reflect this correction and was then passed unanimously.


    • Security Cameras after having been disrupted by lightning strikes (only two presently Working) remain a problem. The club still does not have a westward facing camera for recording license plate numbers. Dave Speed is continuing to work on this project.


    • The Warbird fly in is coming up on Dec 6th. Steve Sundheimer told the board that he has enough help to run the food end of the event. The issue of serving hamburgers was decided by the members in the affirmative;hamburgers will be served as well s hot dogs. The raffle for the Warbird event will be for a T-28 with transmitter. The Board then agreed to rent a 2nd Port-o-pottie for the event. Pres. Jantzen then told the board that he had been approached by the jet flyers about extending both sides of the runway to protect against over run. The method of extending the runway would be by putting down suitable fabric material familiar to some of those on the board.

    • The board agreed that the club would probably permit such a plan so long as the club did not have to pay for it from any of the club’s revenue. The board then considered the idea of making the last meeting of the year in November somewhat more special by bringing in pizza and soft drinks for those in attendance and having a special door prize to attract more attendees. The motion was made and passed that the Nov meeting would serve food and soft drinks and have better door prize.

  • There being no further business Pres. Jantzen adjourned the meeting at 8:07.

Mike Cameron