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October 28, 2015
  • President Jantzen called the meeting to order at 7:04pm and Mike Winter led the Pledge of Allegiance for those in attendance. There was no invited guest in attendance.

  • Pres. Jantzen then announced that the nights raffle would be for a $50 gift certificate from Gator Hobbies.

  • It was then announced that the Bay City Flyers would be holding their annual event on Nov 14th and that all related information would be on the SRQ web site.

  • Mike Cameron then informed the membership that Al Jensen had soloed Mike Weaver and that the solo certificate had not as yet been awarded.

  • President’s Report:

    • The President began by reporting that the county gate had been repaired and that as of Nov 2nd the park gate will be closed at 6pm. The county gate combination will be given to board members only and in the event any members caught inside after 6pm can call any board member and he will give out the combination for that situation.

    • The motion was then made and passed without discussion to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting.

  • Treasurer’s Report:

    • Martin DeRoy was then recognized and he presented the club’s financial report. At this point one of the Board members rose to challenge the financial report because the line item known as “the runway fund “ was not apparent on the balance sheet. After some spirited discussion it was admitted that his point was, in fact, correct and that the error would be adjusted on the treasurer’s report and that it would remain a line item on all future financial statements. A motion was made and amended, and passed reinstating the runway fund along with the transfer of funds to that account.

  • Chairman’s Report:

    • None

  • Old Business:

    • Jim Martin then rose to once again announce the candidates for the upcoming election. He mentioned that while there were candidates for all positions there was still nobody to take over the position of club secretary. He called for volunteers from those present and also asked those present to canvass other members to fill the position. The issue of absentee ballots was brought up and the point made that those particular ballots can only be received by mail and may not be brought to the Nov meeting. The motion was moved and passed to close the nominations.

  • New Business:

    • John Hall was then recognized and he addressed the members as to the status of the upcoming Warbirds event on Dec 5th. As CD of this event John announced that the event is sanctioned and that all aircraft participating must be military aircraft and be in military markings. John then announced that he still needs three volunteers for the raffle. The discussion then turned to the matter of what should be offered as a raffle prize. He was informed that the board had decided on Park Flyer T-28 including a transmitter.

  • The Golden Eagles swap meet will be held Nov 21st starting at 8:00am.

  • A special note of thanks was voiced by Pres. Jantzen for the help Bobby Silvia gave in helping with restriping the parking lot on Sunday Oct 25th.

  • The evening’s entertainment provided by VP Vince Veltri was a look back at some past TOP GUN footage which included some shots of our own Nick Zeroli flying in competition. Beautiful airplanes beautifully flown and much appreciated by the viewing members.

  • Raffle winner of the $50 gift certificate was Jim Behanna.

  • There being no further business President Jantzen adjourned the meeting at 8:00 pm.

Mike Cameron

Jim Behanna , (left) wins the monthly raffle conducted by Dick Bobb. 

October 5, 2015
  • President Jantzen called the meeting to order at 6:55pm all members being present with the exception of Andy Novetzke.

  • President’s Report:

    • President Jantzen notified the board members that the county is rewriting SRQ’s lease in what was described to him as a simplified version. He went on to assure the board members that we already have a signed lease which is good for the next 5 years and that if there are any changes not to our club’s liking, then we could legally stick to the provisions of the signed lease we presently hold. Until the county sends us the new lease we have no information concerning the new lease they are proposing.

  • Officers Report:

    • One of our board members mentioned that the problem with overly loud airplanes continues to occur. The worse part of this problem is that some of the offenders want to argue rather than comply, thus making the board’s actions more difficult and unpleasant. After some discussion no course of action was suggested.

  • Mike Cameron then reported that there were presently five members undergoing training. He further pointed out that he was about to lose one instructor and that the club will be soon trying to run a training program with just two instructors. At this point Don Janssen offered his help by volunteering to give check rides wherever needed.

  • President Jantzen then recognized Treasurer Martin DeRoy who presented his financial report which was voted upon to present to the membership and which was unanimously approved.

  • Old Business:

    • Mike Cameron reported that the defibulator has been removed from the clubhouse. The search continues to find the best solution for replacing the removed unit.

  • New Business.

    • President Jantzen raised the question as to whether or not the club should get involved with PayPal to facilitate paying dues. After some discussion the idea was unanimously decided against by the Board because of the perceived difficulty in record keeping and accounting. The Board then discussed whether or not there should be a December membership meeting. The Board decided that there would be no Dec meeting since it would be too close to Christmas.

  • There being no further business President Jantzen adjourned the meeting at 7:40pm

Mike Cameron