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July 22, 2015
  • President Jantzen called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm and called on Mike Winter to lead those present in the pledge of allegiance.

  • The President then acknowledged two gests present who introduced themselves as Eric Moody and Robert Patrasic. Eric was at the meeting to make it known that he had a Pica Waco YMF-3 fully built and ready to fly that he wished to sell. Robert is a prospective member who is very interested in building scale models.

  • Presidents Report:

    • Pres, Jantzen had little to report or discuss and no new business to bring up. He did, however, note that our new road and drainage system has been put to the test with great amount of rain we have been having, and that it is clear that the county has done a good job. He also reported that the county has taken steps to reduce the wild hog population and that much of the area adjacent to our runway has been significantly torn up.

  • At this point a motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of June's membership meeting. There being no discussion the motion passed unanimously.

  • Treasurers' Report:

    • Treasurer Martin DeRoy presented his financial report and it was approved unanimous vote to be officially entered into the record.

  • There was no show and tell.

  • No new business or old business was brought up or discussed.

  • Vice Pres. Vince Veltri had prepared a presentation dealing with cross-wind landings but due AV problems he was not able to present it.

  • The raffle of a Graupner electric sea plane was won by Mike Cameron.

  • There being no further business President Jantzen adjourned the meeting at 7:37 pm


July 6, 2015
  • President Jantzen called the meeting to order at 7:00pm all members being present with the exception of Andy Novetzke.

  • President Jantzen had nothing to bring up in the presidents report and asked if any officers wished to bring up any business new or old. There were no officers report brought up at this point except for the treasurer's report which was presented by Martin DeRoy. It was dully noted by the treasurer, and acknowledged by the members there present, that the work of Dave Speed with the contractor during the remake, not only made things run smoothly but saved the club thousands of dollars as well. A motion was made and seconded to accept the treasure's as presented.

  • Old business:

    • Because Andy Novetzke was not present there was no report on the status of the field security cameras.

    • Next to be discussed under old business was the issue of the clubs defibrillator. After some discussion it was decided that one of the board members would contact an appropriate company and an in depth report would presented at the next board meeting.

    • Next Steve Sundheimer gave a report on the status of the food service to be given at the upcoming Golden Eagles event on the 11th and 12th of July. A reminder was given at this a second Porta Potty should be ordered for the event.

    • Next the motion was made and seconded that the maintenance building should placed under tighter security by providing a lock which would limit the number of people who would have access to that facility. As a result of the discussion and vote on this motion (passed unanimously) it now stands that those who would have access to the maintenance building would be those members who have clearance to operate the ATV, all board members, Dick Bobb and any other members deemed to be logical selections, as the board decides at any time in the future.

  • New Business:

    • The motion was made an seconded that that action should be taken once and for all as regards the frequent and continuing noise complaints which are attributed to a single member. It was decided by the board that a letter would be sent to the offending individual requiring him to appear before the board as regards these complaints.

    • The motion was made and seconded that future events will no longer have the CAP color guard and accompanying parking volunteers . The discussion on this subject mentioned, smaller event size, the soliciting of donations, and the cost of feeding the volunteers. The motion passed unanimously.

  • The question of RV parking was discussed at length resulting in a motion to allow such parking at future events. The motion was passed unanimously with the understanding that the charge for such parking would be $25.00.

  • There being no futher business President Jantzen adjourned the meeting at 8:oo pm.