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April 22, 2015
  • President Jantzen called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm with 76 members being present. Mike Winter led the membership there gathered in the pledge of allegiance.

  • It was then announced that the drawing for the evening's raffle would be for a $50 gift certificate from Gator Hobbies.

  • Al Jensen then rose to present young Ryan Longood with his solo certificate and offered the a praising comment that Ryan was ready for solo after only five lessons.

  • President Jensen, in his President's report, announced that during the period of our fields closing that both the Venice field and the Bradenton field will be available to SRQ members for flying. He pointed out that the Venice field is open during the hours of the dumps operation from 7am thru 5pm and recommends a 4:45 departure to assure not being locked in. He also pointed out that great care should be exercised in observing the 25mph speed limit since people have been ticketed there for violations of same. It is also important to keep your SRQ ID visible while your are there. On Sunday you must be there as some Venice member's guest.

  • The motion was made and seconded at this time that the minutes for last month's meeting be approved and entered into the record. The motion was carried.

  • At this time Martin DeRoy rose to present the Treasurer's report. After no discussion the motion was made and seconded that the financial report for March be accepted as reported. The motion passed and the report was entered into the record.

  • The only Chairman's report given was that of Al Jensen who reported that the current membership number stands at 269.

  • At this point in the proceedings President Jantzen recognized Dave Speed who put forth the following motion: To Wit:

    • "Mr. Chairman, I make a motion that SRQ enter into a contract with Fredrick Derr & Co. to construct the road and parking lot identified as Phase 1 and Phase2 as per County specifications and authorize the transfer of the funds from the Reserve Accounts in an amount not to exceed $XXX to pay for said contract

    • "The motion was then seconded and in the discussion which followed Dave fielded a number of questions which were answered fully and to the satisfaction of those there present. The motion was then brought to a vote and was passed by all members present except for 1 vote.

  • No new business was introduced.

  • After a short break Vince Veltri provided a video of a full scale P-51 Mustang being put through its aerobatic paces at what appeared to be Lakeland airport. Vince's main commentary regarding this display was how RC scale flyers should be aware or real life flying displays and should try their best to emulate them for the sake of realism. The entertainment sparked some interesting discussion and the best of that discussion came when Norm Harris (one of SRQ's two WW 2 vets) rose to tell of his visit to the Confederate Air Forces B-29 when it visited Sarasota last year. Norm was a flight engineer on a Superfort in the Pacific during the closing months of the war. He related how he showed up to the air show with his logbooks in tow and the crew of "FIFI" was more than happy to invite up into the plane so he could take his place in front of the complicated panel he once knew so well. He said he thinks he has a real shot this year for a ride . (Note; Norm Harris is a living treasure of the history of WW2 in the Pacific. I have found him always willing to talk about his experiences and they are well worth listing to. Our club is so fortunate to have this member of the greatest generation in our midst.)

Mike Cameron


April 6, 2015
  • President Jantzen called the meeting to order at 7:05 all board members being present with the exception of Andy Novetzke. No guest were present.

  • Presidents report:

    • No issues were brought up in the Presidents Report.

  • Officers report:

    • No new issues were brought up by any other officers report .

  • The President then recognized treasurer Martin DeRoy who presented the financial report for March. The Board Members then approved the report to be submitted at the next membership Meeting.

  • Old Business:

    • It was agreed among the board that the testing of aircraft for noise levels is progressing and continues to turn up offenders who in turn seem to be addressing the problem. There are however still some aircraft that need attention. At this point one of the board members mentioned that there is a need to pay some attention to the issue of sound readings on all of the perimeters of the SRQ property. It was decided that in the near future the decibel meter will be taken in the ATV around the perimeter of our property and readings taken to establish some guidelines for airborne noise limits at our field.

    • The next subject discussed was the continuing lack of understanding about maintaining and use of the defibulators in our building. Along with this we are not sure of the currency and completeness of our first aid kit. Once again it was decided that some of the medical pro's in our membership will be approached about this subject.

    • At this time the subject of the security cameras was brought up and it was reported that all cameras are not operational but that Andy Novetzke was working on their repair.

    • The last topic discussed under old business was the club picnic to be held on Saturday April 11th. At this time the board members unanimously approved of the intent to have the food for the event catered by Sonny's Bar-B Q at a cost of approximately $XXX per head. That price included delivery, set up and serving, clean up and tip.

  • New Business:

    • At is time one of the board members moved to consider the idea that a separate area be designated on the south side of the parking lot exclusively for the use of helicopters and quadracopters. The idea was not voted upon however, since the other members of the board were unanimously opposed to the idea.

  • There being no further business to address President Jantzen adjourned the meeting at at 8:15 pm.

Mike Cameron