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March 25, 2015
  • President Jantzen called the meeting to order at 7:04 with 28 members in attendance.

  • Mike Winter led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • There being no guest present or solo certificates to award President Jantzen began the meeting by announcing details regarding the upcoming club picnic which will take place which will take place on Sat April 11th and will feature an auction of some nice aircraft and equipment which have been donated to our club.

  • Additionally the President announced that the field will be closed from April 15th thru the 30th.

  • The motion to approved last month's minutes was approved by vote and they were entered into permanent record.

  • The President then recognized club treasurer Martin DeRoy who presented the Feb financial report. It was approved by vote of those members present and entered into the record.

  • Chairmen's report:

    • There were no issues to discuss on either safety or training and Al Jensen reported that club membership now stands at 266 members.

  • Old business:

    • The President reported that our noise abatement program continues to identify problem aircraft and that things are improving as a result of our collective vigilance.

  • New Business:

    • President Jantzen recognized Dave Speed who rose to give a detailed report on the efficacy of paving the whole of our parking areas from where the county's project will end to the far eastern side of our facility near where the runway 27 begins. David began his talk by assuring all present that much of what was being gossiped about concerning this idea was mostly speculation with some fantasy thrown in. He further went on to report that he had personally spent a good many hours getting briefed by those engineers that would be responsible for such a project and has acquired a good understand of issues such drainage, and thickness, and other technical information necessary to come to an informed decision as to whether or not the club should undertake such a big leasehold improvement. Foremost among the number of reasons that such an improvement would be a smart move is the fact that both cost and incontinence would be minimized by doing this while the county is already involved in the construction of the lower road . It should be noted here that such a costly project needs the vote of as many members as possible. To assure this, the vote on this issue was tabled until the April meeting so that enough time would be allowed to inform members of the importance of their attending the April Membership meeting.

  • Show and Tell:

    • Paul Jantzen brought in his scratch built Cessna Aeromaster which will soon be ready to cover. The 1930's design will be powered by a G-38 and will be painted with the same colors that were on his father's full size version. Excellent workmanship on a very unique and seldom seen scale model.

  • After a short break the members voted for the Member of the Year. The outcome of this vote will be announced at the club picnic on Sat April 11th.

  • The nights raffle of a Graupner electric trainer was won by ED Buchholz.

  • There being no further business President Jantzen adjourned the meeting at 8:16.

Mike Cameron

David Speed explaining the parking lot proposal

Paul Jantzen showing off his scratch built Cessna Aeromaster, a replica of his fathers airplane.


March 2, 2015
  • The meeting of the Board was called to order at 8:00pm by President Jantzen with all members present except for Don Janssen.

  • President Jantzen having nothing pressing to bring up asked the members of the board there present for issues to discuss of importance to them.

  • The problem of quadracopters was raised Specifically because members of the board had been told that recently a boy was seen flying one on the grass on the southern side of the parking area .The youngster was identified as the son of one of our members and it was decided to talk to the boy's father to solve the problem.

  • The Treasurer's Report was then presented by Martin DeRoy and was approved by the board for Presentation at the next membership meeting.

  • New business:

    • It was suggested by the treasurer that the club needs to buy a laptop so that one is Available for use for various presentations at our meetings , including the financial report . The Acquisition of said lap top will be investigated as to cost and application for the clubs needs and reviewed by the board once a selection is made.

    • It was also suggested that the club simulator could benefit from a larger and more modern desk top screen. President Jantzen volunteered to look into the purchase of a new screen.

  • Old business:

    • A letter from a nearby resident was read to the board by Vice President Veltri complaining about the engine noise from our field. The offending aircraft was identified by board members and it's owner was made aware that his plane was to loud and measures to correct the problem would be mandatory.

    • The continuing problem of low attendance at membership meetings was discussed at length and suggestions such as pizza, soft drinks, better entertainment , and other various promotions were suggested. It was finally decided that one thing should be done for certain, and that is that the web site should be used to advertise forthcoming meetings, emphasing the entertainment and awards and any other enhancements which would attract more attendees.

    • The upcoming club picnic date was set for Saturday April 11th. It is probable that the food will be something a little different from the usual hot dog fair, in that the event will be catered and that Mike Cameron will be working finding the best deal for said event. Also there will be a sale of numerous RC planes and RC accessories which have been donated to the club. Also it is at this event that the "Member of the year " and "Presidents Choice " awards will be presented.

    • The question was raised at this point as to the status of our first aid equipment, i.e. the defibulator and the first aid kit. It was decided to enlist the help and suggestions of one of the club's medical members.

    • There was also a report given by one of the board members regarding the status of our security cameras. The situation as it stands now is that 2 of the 5 cameras are operational and he further reported that the likelihood of being able to repair those cameras not operational is low. There being no further business President Jantzen declared the meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Mike Cameron