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SRQ Membership Meeting Minutes
February 25, 2015
  • President Jantzen called the meeting to order at 7:01 and at that point Mike Winter led those members present (18) in the pledge of allegiance.
  • Before the business of the meeting began the Pres Jantzen recognized last year's President Steve Sundheimer who thanked everyone who served during his tenure and helped make possible those accomplishments which took place during the last two years.
  • Presidents Report
    • Pres Jantzen at this time announced that the club's annual Air Fair is officially cancelled and that the park will be closed for road construction and other improvements from April 15th thru April 30TH !!
  • The motion to approve last month's minutes was passed and entered into the record. At this time Pres Jantzen recognized club treasurer Martin De Roy who presented the January financial report . Upon a motion to accept the report as offered the report was entered into the record.
  • Safety
    • No safety issues were raised
  • Training
    • The only members possibly awaiting training have yet to undergo orientation. Presently there are six students in training and we still need more instructors.
  • Membership At present 263
  • Old Business
    • The Corvin Miller Event is still not a certainty since we still do not have a CD.
  • Noise abatement efforts are ongoing and every member is encouraged either to get tested or recommend that a possible violator be tested in an effort to make sure that everyone acts within our established guidelines. The President reported that the lady who is our liaison from the county seems satisfied that the noise from our jet aircraft is within acceptable limits.
  • MCRC Manatee will not be open to flying on Tuesday and Friday mornings due to grass cutting.
  • The club picnic this year will also include a sale/auction of those items that have been donated to the club . Many of the items to be offered can be viewed on our website. For more detail ask Martin DeRoy or Bill Kimbrell. The club picnic will be held on April 11th.
  • At the request of a long time member the board will take up at it's next meeting the issue of no heater in the clubhouse.
  • Some members attending a fly in at Lake Placid happily reported that Brad Fuller attended that event and is definitely on the mend following his recent medical issue.
  • Entertainment
    • Vince Veltri presented a very informative program having to do with the refinishing his Ziroli Zero from and old color scheme to a new and different one.
  • Pres Jantzen adjourned the meeting at 8:05

Mike Cameron

Vince Veltri gave an interest talk about how he resurrected his Zero from "rejected" to "Top Gun" status.
When asked to draw the winning raffle ticket Steve Sundheimer promptly drew his own ticket!
Isn't there a law against that?

February 2, 2015
  • President Jantzen called the meeting to order at 7:04pm all members being present . Also present at the meeting was special guest Mike Winter.

  • President Jantzen began with his president's report by telling the board that Linda, the county liaison to our club, has ok'd the club's suggestion that a fence be erected along the west side of our road restricting vehicles from driving around the gate and across the grass to gain access to our field.

  • President then announced that the Cape Coral club, The Seahawks, will be hosting their annual fly-in on Sat and Sun March 21st and 22nd. This is one of the better events in south Florida and our members are encouraged to attend.

  • Finally President Jantzen wanted to make clear, because of some recent email problems, that his correct email address is

  • At this point the Board recognized guest member Mike Winter. Mike explained that he had felt it necessary to attend the meeting to personally inform the Board that, after much consideration, he has decided that he cannot act as CD for this year's Corvin Miller contest. This will leave the subject of to have , or not to have, this traditional event hung in the air until a volunteer is found.

  • The Treasurer's Report was then presented by Martin DeRoy and was accepted by the Board without alteration.

  • Old Business

    • President Jantzen announced that he had spent time with Linda, the county liaison to our club, and had fully explained to her all of our sound suppression protocols and that she seemed very satisfied with our endeavors to be responsible tenants. Both the sign to prohibit drone flights and dog leash rules are in the process of being restored.

    • The two security cameras not presently working will soon be repaired.

    • President Jantzen's letter to the Venice RC club was read to the board and the non reciprocity status that now exists between our two organizations was once again explained. Simply stated they can fly here but we can't fly there.

  • New Business

    • The date for the club picnic is now set for Sat April 11th.

    • The club Air Fair will be April 25th

    • The maintenance building lock combination has been changed and will be given to the jet guys so they can pull out the ATV when they arrive on the mornings that they are here to fly. Anyone who wishes to get qualified to drive the ATV should contact Paul Jantzen.

  • There being no further business President Jantzen adjourned the meeting at 8:45 pm.

Mike Cameron


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