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SRQ Membership Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 22, 2014

  • President Sundheimer called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm and called upon Mike Winter to lead those members present in the Pledge of Allegiance. There were 25 members in attendance.

  • There being no objections the minutes from the previous membership meeting were entered into the record without change.

  • Martin DeRoy, club treasurer, was then recognized and after reviewing the financial report for those members present the report was accepted into the record without objection.

  • The President then brought up an important SAFETY ISSUE having to do with strict observance of the boundaries as defined by our flight box. He reported that there have been a number of complaints registered with him and other members by employees working in those buildings bordering the north and northwest leg of the flight box. These complaints mean that some members are wandering far outside of the area we are restricted to by our lease agreement. After some discussion President Sundheimer urged that those present make others aware of the importance of strict observance of our flight boundaries which have been established for sound reasons of public safety. Anyone who sees these rules being violated should report such violations to club officers.

  • The question was then raised regarding the work on our road. President Sundheimer announce the latest word as to the county work schedule. He point out that as of the present there is no definitive schedule and that the county will next inform us as to when a schedule will be worked up will be the 19th of November. It is at that point when there will be a go or no go as regards the Warbirds Over Sarasota event.

  • Jim Martin , chairman of the nominating committee, rose to give the latest information on the nominees for the upcoming year. To view the nominees go to the SRQ website. Jim also thanked all of our club members who took part in the recent Manatee club's event which was held for the purpose raising money to help fund cancer research. Jim said it was a great event made better by our club's participation. A special at-a-boy went out to Dave Barry who won $86 which he immediately donated back to the Manatee club.

  • Dave Hasler then treated the attendees to some more of his video selections which were entertaining and informative.

  • The raffle drawing for a Graupner power glider was won by Ken Ross.

  • President Sundheimer adjourned the meeting 8:00pm.

Mike Cameron
SRQ Secretary


Ken Ross won the Graupner power glider raffle 
Ken Ross won the Graupner power glider raffle 

SRQ board Meeting Minutes

  • October 1, 2014
    President Sundheimmer called the meeting to order all members being present with the exception of Vince Veltri and Dick Bobb.

  • There being no objections, the minutes from the last Board Meeting were accepted as written.

  • Treasurer Martin DeRoy was recognized and he presented the September's financial report which was accepted by the members there present.

  • VP Dave Hasler was then recognized and reminded the board that due to cancelations there would be no upcoming events during October. He reported that the drawing for the nest membership meeting would be for yet another 80" powered glider. At this point Martin DeRoy suggested that a good prize for a drawing might be a free membership. Dave agreed that that might be considered in the future after the items that the club has remaining should be used up first .

  • VP Dave then reported that the "NO FPV FLYING " was ready and would be put up ASAP.

  • President Sundheimer then mentioned that the county has made it clear that it does not want the club's retrieval vehicle to ever leave the premises defined by our lease agreement.

  • There being no further business to discuss President Sundheimer adjourned the meeting at 8:32 PM

    Mike Cameron