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AUG 27, 2014

  • The meeting was called to order at by president Sundheimer at 7:05 pm.

  • Mike Winter then led those assembled in the Pledge of Alliance .

  • President Sundheimer then recognized David Speed who introduced new member Leonard Reyneke who was presented his solo certificates along with high praise for being a quick study and for being exapliery young man.

  • Treasurer Martin DeRoy was then recognized and he presented the financial report for the month of July. There being no objections his report was entered into the record as given.

  • Al Jensen was then recognized and he reported that the clubs current membership stands at 268 members .

  • President Sundheimer then brought up a safety issue regarding a crash which occurred of Sunday August the 25th. He noted the seriousness of the incident which included a damaged aircraft and a very near miss to it's owner who was standing near it in the pit .The Board will take up this matter after further investigation when it next meets .

  • The President then announced that all protocols are now in place and that any members whishing to get checked out on the club vehicle should contact either Paul Jansen or Alden Fonseca .

  • New Business:

    • David Speed was then recognized and announced the good news that the county has agreed to pave our road from the bottom entrance up to the top of our hill to within about 50 yards of our parking lot. The work will involve a good deal of time but the county has been apprised of our upcoming events add will do it's best to not interfere with those events. Dave reported that the official notice to proceed was issued Tuesday Sept 2nd . He further stated that current information regarding such things as progress and completion dates will be posted in real time on the first page of the new web site . During this period of construction it is imperative that all members respect the long standing rule TO NOT BY PASS THE GATE BY DRIVING AROUD THE FENCE ON THE GRASS. It was suggested during the discussion of this project that the membership may wish to consider paving the rest of our facility. This suggestion was tabled for further discussion pending further deliberation by the Board and the membership.

  • After a short break the evening's entertainment was presented by Dave Hasler and consisted of some spectacular air to air videos of WW2 warbirds flying over the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.

  • As if to show our gratitude for a great show the membership there present then let Dave walk away with the raffle prize; a $50 gift certificate to Gator Hobbies.

  • There being no further business President Sundheimer adjourned the meeting at 8:09 pm

Images Courtesy Mike Winter

Leonard Reyneke receives his solo certificate  Dave Hasler wins the Gator Hobby $50 raffle prize

SRQ Board Meeting Minutes

AUGUST 6, 2014

  • In the absence of both the President and the Vice President the meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm with Treasurer Martin DeRoy presiding.

  • The minutes of the last membership meeting were approved by the Board as submitted.

  • Treasurer DeRoy then presented the club financial report which was approved as submitted.

  • Training:

    • Vince Veltri mentioned that in the case of difficult students he highly recommends the Apprentice trainer with the "Safe Flight System ". He touted this new training aid as being ideal for those students who are struggling to learn RC flight.

  • New Business:

    • Dick Bobb reported that our club 4 wheel drive vehicle will have designated drivers and that each of these individuals will be given a key to the equipment shed once the old combination lock is removed. All those designated drivers and passengers of this vehicle will sign a "hold harmless" legal document protecting SRQ and the county from legal recourse in the event of any and all mishaps. There will be a "Safety Belts are Mandatory’ sign in the vehicle.

  • Old Business:

    • The News Letter article dead line is presently set for Sept 10, so the Board members will be actively seeking writers to contribute wisdom, editorials, pictures, antidotes, and whatever else will assure the success of this project .

  • The last item on the agenda was a suggestion by Vince Veltri that the club should look to sprucing up our sun shades which after 14 years could use a little TLC. All Board members agreed that this is a good suggestion and the sooner the better. It was suggested that this should be accomplished before the clubs upcoming big events like the Corvin and Warbirds .

  • There being nothing further under discussion Marin DeRoy adjourned the meeting at 7:45.

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