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SRQ Membership Meeting Minutes

JUL 23 2014

  • In the absence of President Sundheimer Vice President Hasler brought the meeting to order at 7:02 .

  • To begin the meeting Mike Winter led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • VP Hasler then recognized Vince Veltri who introduced his two Grandsons to the membership. These two young men are presently undergoing flight training with their Granddad and are making excellent progress with their training .

  • At this point in the meeting secretary Martin DeRoy presented his report for the clubs June financial status. There being no objections the report was entered into the minutes as presented.

  • Training Director Carl Ziegler was recognized at this time and he reported that 3 individuals have recently qualified for solo certificates which will be awarded soon .

  • VP Hasler then recognized Keith Dennis for an update on our new website . Keith reported that everything was running smoothly and that he would be grateful if he could get more pictures or videos from the members for the website.

  • VP Hasler then recognized Vince Vertri to the podium for more information on the new FAA Mandates which could potentially be very damaging to our hobby. After giving a rundown on the dangers these new FAA interpretations he pointed out that the aim of the AMA and ourselves must be a concerted effort to carve out our hobby activities from the main body of these new directives which should, by rights, should not affect us at all. To that end Vince pointed out that a link will be made available on our website which will facilitate our letting the FAA know our club's position on this matter. The link will connect us to attorney Mike Kravitz's RC Flight deck which has a petition which fully describes our concerns and presumably our legal rights in this matter. The FAA has granted an extension until Sept 23 on this matter and it is of the greatest that we make every effort to speak out on this matter.

  • The evening's entertainment arranged by VP Hasler was another video covering a historical look back at RC flying since it's beginnings .

  • After the evening's entertainment VP Hasler adjourned the meeting at 8:20

Mike Cameron


Vince Veltri's Grandsons
board member dick bob
conducting the raffle
the raffle was won by keith dennis


SRQ Board Meeting Minutes

JULY 2, 2014

  • President Sundheimer called the Board to order at 7:04 pm and began with a minute of silence in remembrance for Phil Bender, recently deceased, and one of the original founders of our club. It was duly noted, by this recording secretary that the club was well represented at the service held for Phil and that the family made it clear in their eulogies just how important this club was to him.

  • The Board 's first discussion dealt with the new FAA regulations brought on by the emergence of the new quadracopter and drone technology and how said regulations may bode ill for our hobby.Two things were decided as a result of this short discussion

    • 1) that the board members and the club membership must study these new regulations in depth

    • 2) that the club must make its concerns clear in an official letter from our club to the AMA. It might turn out that our club may have to put some distance between our flying activities and these vehicles.

  • At the request of the board a club member appeared before that body to answer to the charges that in spite of official warnings that he continues to operate his aircraft in an unsafe manner.This individual seemed to be cooperative and understanding after it was made clear to him that perception is reality and that it was really more important that he consider the opinions an feelings of those bystanders present when he flies than to hold to his own concept of what is safe and what isn't.

  • A member received reports that one of our planes transversed our northern boundary and entered a residential neighborhood. The board learned that radio contact had been lost and the plane was recovered in a nearby backyard. No further action was deemed necessary.

  • Vice President Hasler announced that for the next membership meeting the entertainment will be another RC film.

  • There being no further business President Sundheimer adjourned the meetingat 8:10pm


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