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SRQ Membership Meeting Minutes

May 25 2014

  • President Sundheimer called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm and Mike Winter led all members there attending in the pledge of allegiance.

  • The minutes of the previous were approved and entered into the record

  • Treasurer Martin DeRoy presented the May financial report which was approved and entered into the record.

  • Al Jensen was then recognized and reported that current membership stands at 264 members and that one new solo certificate has been awarded.

  • President Sundheimer then announced that Carl Ziegler will be returning as head of flight training after an absence of some months. The President acting in his capacity of Safety Officer announced that a letter of reprimand ,approved by the board, will be sent to a problematic member requesting that he appear before the board to answer charges that he continues to fly in an unsafe manner despite previous warnings.

  • The President then announced that Keith Dennis will officially take over the job of webmaster as of July 1st .

  • In recognition of his long and faithful service in that position Mike Winter was awarded a plaque of recognition for the great service he has given to the club for the past 14 years.

  • Keith Dennis was once again introduced to the members then present and he explained some features of the new website including the availability of FACEBOOK. He also encouraged all members to send in any and all pictures and information to make the site of interest to all.

  • The President the announced that the progress on the news letter will be a main subject of discussion at the upcoming board meeting. He further announced that Ron Nash has once again offered to act as editor for the new newsletter.

  • Al Jensen was called upon to clarify the issue of who qualifies to have their name added to the club's memorial plaque in our club house. He stated that as a general rule a person who dies must be an active member at the time of his death in order to be placed on the plaque. It was then agreed that exceptions could be made as in the case of Jerry Larson who recently died and had severed as club president some years back.

  • Two brief show and tell presentations were then provided by Don Janssen showing the progress on the wing of his new Fokker DVII and Bill Kimbrell's diorama of his own shop done by a lady admirer.

  • Finally Roger Niolet rose to offer information about two upcoming events.

    • The first will be the annual Golden Era scale event which will take place on October 6th.

    • The second will be the annual Warbirds over Sarasota occurring on Dec 6th.

  • Roger will be the CD for both events and seeks any and all volunteers willing to help out.

  • The final presentation of the night was a somewhat personal historical perspective on the aircraft of Consolidated/Vultee aircraft (Convair) presented by native San Diegan Mike Cameron.

  • After this presentation President Sundheimer adjourned the meeting at 8:50 pm.

Images Courtesy Mike Winter

Mike Winter was awarded a plaque of recognition for the great service he has given to the club for the past 14 years.Don Janssen showing the progress on the wing of his new Fokker DVII
President Sunheimer presents an award of recognition to Mike Winter for his outstanding service to SRQ for the past 14 years developing and maintaining the website.Don Janssen showing the progress on the
wing of his new Fokker DVII.
Bill Kimbrell's diorama of his own shop.Bill Kimbrell's diorama of his own shop.
Bill Kimbrell's shows off a diarama of his own shop built by a friend.
Mike Cameron give a presentation on the aircraft of Consolidated/Vultee aircraft (Convair).

SRQ Board Meeting Minutes

JUNE 4, 2014

  • President Sundheimer called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm all members being present with the exception of Alden Fonseca.

  • President Sundheimer began the meeting by introducing guest member Keith Dennis who has been tasked with designing and implementing our new SRQ web site. Keith has had 15 years experience working in this field and has volunteered to do this project. Keith explained his new design to the Board who were very impressed with what has been accomplished thus far. The new site will also include a Facebook group page. According to Keith the new site can be operational within a few weeks.

  • After the new website presentation the President recognized VP Dave Hasler for comments regarding this month's membership meeting. Dave announced that the raffle prize will be an electric four channel trainer equipped with floats .The entertainment for the meeting will be Mike Cameron's talk on "The planes of Convair which was cancelled last month due to Mike's being called out of town. Treasurer Martin DeRoy was recognized at this point and he presented the May financial report. There being no objection the report was approved and entered into the record.

  • The President asked if anyone wanted to bring up any safety issues and a discussion immediately ensue regarding the continuing problem of the helicopter pilot who has already received a written warning for flying in an unsafe manner. The President, who is also the club Safety Officer, has already prepared a second letter which when sent will impose some sort of punitive action which will be decided upon once all the board members have had the opportunity to read and approve the letter.

  • Under old business:

    • There was a short discussion about the newsletter especially with regard to the new website. Martin DeRoy has proposed formatting and layouts which he will be presenting for the board for their consideration next meeting.

    • Also discussed was the problem of low attendance to our clubs membership meetings. One suggestion was to not hold any meetings during one or more summer months since the snowbird effect has much to do with low attendance. It has also been suggested that continued entertainments may also help increase attendance.

  • President Sundheimer reported on the continuing efforts to establish protocols for the operation of what we are now calling the "Rescue Vehicle". Things under consideration are seat belts, safety signs, and "hold harmless” legal forms to be signed by those persons designated as certified drivers. The assumption of risk issue will be handled by legal counsel to assure minimum legal exposure for SRQ. Paul Jansen and Alden Fonseca will continue to be key members figuring in implementation of this newest SRQ amenity.

  • There was a last reminder from the President for the upcoming 3 club joint fly-in on Sat 6/14.

  • There was a similar reminder for the swap meet at the Farm Bureau that same morning.

  • There being no further Business the meeting was adjourned at 8:25

Mike Cameron,

sarasota rc squadron