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SRQ Membership Meeting Minutes

APRIL 30, 2014

  • The meeting was called to order by President Sundheimer at 7:12 pm and opened with the pledge of allegiance, led by Mike Winter.

  • There being no objections the minutes as recorded from the previous membership meeting were accepted by the membership present.

  • In the absence of Treasurer De Roy and Al Jensen, President Sundheimer presented the treasures report, and the membership status and training report to the membership. The treasurer's report was accepted by the membership as presented. The membership remains at 260 and all members requesting training have been accommodated except for 13 who have not responded to the Training chairman.

  • President Sundheimer reporting as Safety Officer, stated that no safety issues had arisen since the last meeting.

  • President Sundheimer then gave a recap of upcoming events, notably The Air Fair coming up on Saturday April 26th. This will be a two day event with John Hall as CD. The next event will be the club picnic on May 17th. June 14th will be a joint fly-in with the Venice club and on that morning the IMAA swap meet will also occur.

  • Mike Winter announced that he had met with Leif Olson of Morgan Stanley who has been a Corvin Miller sponsor for many years. Mike presented Leif with a SRQ plaque of appreciation. Leif stated that he would continue his sponsorship for the 2014 event with $750 for trophies. Other club members who also help sponsor the event were also recognized. Those members mentioned were Nick Ziroli, Martin De Roy, Vince Veltri, and Jim Martin.

  • Jim Martin then rose to report that Betty King had sent the club a letter of gratitude for the clubs Memorial to her husband John. The club's website has pictures of the service for this long time member of SRQ underMEMORIAL.

  • President Sundheimer announced the donation to the club of all-terrain vehicle which will serve as a crash vehicle complete will fire extinguishers. Protocols for it's use and legal ramifications will be discussed at the upcoming Board meeting.

  • At this point in the meeting Mike Winter raised the issue of what progress was being made on the creation of a new club news letter. After a spirited discussion the membership voted on the question of whether or not to have a newsletter. The vote was in favor of a newsletter among the 22 members present. President Sundheimer announced that the Board would give priority to the question when the board next meets.

  • The raffle drawing was held and the winner of a new 3 channel electric J-3 Cub was raffle master Dick Bobb.

  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:05PM.

  • Michael Cameron
    SRQ Secretary

Meeting Images



President Sundheimer (l) proves that the meeting room door is in fact open and Dick Bobb wins the raffle.


Mike Winter (r) presents Leif Olson of Morgan Stanley with an SRQ plaqueof appreciation
for his long and continued support of the Corvin Miller Scale Masters Qualifier


APRIL 2, 2014

  • The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM all members being present except for Alden Fonseca.

  • President Sundheimer began the first business by asking VP Hasler about the entertainment for the April membership meeting including the raffle. It was decided that another DVD will be shown the content of which will be selected by VP Hasler.

  • The Treasurer's report was presented by Martin DeRoy. There being no questions regarding the financial report it was accepted as presented.

  • President Sundheimer reported on behalf of Al Jensen that because of some personal difficulties Carl Ziegler has stepped down as training director and Al will be taking over that position. At present the training program is in balance with instructors enough for all members needing instruction .

  • The Safety Officers report was given by President Sundheimer and he announced that there were no incidents last month of any concern.

  • The Field Report was given by Dick Bobb and he reported that the extra mowing equipment was sold for $1000 and that the money has been placed into the equipment reserve fund. He also stated that in addition to normal field shut down on Thursdays he will require that the field will be closed next Wednesday PM for additional maintenance.

  • Under new business It was announced that on April 22 the 1st Congregational Church will be bringing 25 children to watch us in action. They will be at the field at 10PM.

  • At this point there was an open discussion regarding George Jenkins's presentation on the Flightdeck program for future contests. It was decided that the program, while attractive, would be redundant and confusing, at least at this time.

  • Next on President Sundheimer's agenda was a discussion sparked by the board's response letter to the letter of complainant relating to noise levels sent on March 9, 2014. Because of difficulties which occurred with the plaintiff's email reception, President Sundheimer ended up having a phone conversation with the complainant. However the discussion that was sparked by this subject was lengthy and broad ranging. One contention held that the measure of what constitutes unacceptable noise levels is purely subjective; the annoyance level lays in the ear of the individual who hears it. It was suggested that we increase the frequency of decibel level testing. It was also suggested that our present noise standards are not stringent enough. It was further held that the problem lies only with a few individuals and they should be warned to modify their planes to solve the problem .The outcome of this discussion was the conclusion that the board would contact certain of those offenders which it could all agree upon, and hopefully remedy the problem diplomatically.

  • The final topic raised by President Sundheimer was the continuing question of field equipment to be provided as fire prevention means as it might apply to turbine and electric models. After a short discussion the board decided that the board would take no further action on this subject. It was suggested that an open gate policy would be a more friendly message to send to the public. The board decided that perhaps it might consider leaving the gate opened on weekends.

  • There being no further business President Sundheimer adjourned the meeting at 8:30 PM.

Michael Cameron
SRQ Secretary

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