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SRQ Membership Meeting Minutes

MARCH 26, 2014

  • The meeting was called to order at 7:04 by President Steve Sundheimer. Mike Winter led all those assembled in The Pledge of Allegiance .

  • Treasurer Martin DeRoy presented last month's financial report. There being no questions the Financial report was accepted by the members there present.

  • Al Jensen reported that the club's total membership now stands at 258 paid members. Al also announced that he has now taken over the training program. Al also announced that of the 39 new club members requesting training only 16 have been assigned instructors. The need for more instructor is made obvious by these numbers . Once again the club needs more instructors.

  • Al then called on Dave Speed to present a solo certificate to Keith Dennis. Special recognition and applause was offered when Dave pointed out that Keith actually built his trainer from a kit.

  • Dick Bobb reported that the 2nd mower now advertised for sale has had only two responses.

  • Jim Martin was then recognized and he informed the meeting that one of the clubs own, John King, had passed away. Having known this member well Jim presented a small talk on the history he had with John . Obviously this member will be missed by his friends in SRQ.

  • The President then asked if there was any new business. There being none he announced May 17th as the date of our annual picnic. He then recognized George Jenkins who handed out ballots for the many and varied awards to be given for "The Member of the year and fun awards" at the annual event.

  • There being no more old or new business to discuss The President adjourned the meeting at 7:34pm

  • After the meeting ended the members were treated to a documentary made by club member Jay Gerber. The content of this film dealt with the Good Brothers and the considerable part in the history and development of radio control technology that they played, starting back in the 1930's.

Mike Cameron



Dave Speed (r) presented a solo certificate to Keith Dennis. Special recognition and applause
was offered when Dave pointed out that Keith actually built his trainer from a kit.



The Good brothers


Davis Stroup dug into his collection of "old stuff " and brought along examples of
many of the items discussed in the "Good Brothers" documentary.


Dick Bob (l) conducted the raffle which was won by Jim Martin (r).The prize was not present so Dick and Jim exchanged a handshake and laughs'. I did not understand it either but they seemed to be having fun.


March 5, 2014

  • The meeting was called to order by President Sundheimer at 7pm all board members being present with the exception of Vince Veltri.

  • President Sundheimer inquired if there were any corrections to the previous month's minutes. Hearing none, the minutes were accepted into the record as published.

  • Presidents report: President Sundheimer announce a final affirmation of the boards appointment as himself as the new safety officer.

  • Treasurers Report: Treasurer Deroy presented the February financial report. There being no questions the report will be presented to the membership as it stands.

  • Vice Presidents Hasler reported that all up coming events for this year have designated Contest Directors.

  • Guest Members: George Jenkins presented for the boards consideration a computer program to be possible used for future contest and events. The name of this program is called Flight Deck and is to be found in the publication "Fly RC" ( with this program much of the pain and strain of running an event is addressed and made easy. Functions such as posting the event, flyers, registrations, sponsors, and printing badges are addressed in this program. Beyond that such things as events schedules, marketing, hotel listings are also addressed and according to George at no charge to the club if this program is adopted George Had volunteered to run it for at least the first year. George also announced that he has been investigating alternative locations for our monthly club meetings. He has also volunteered to provide audio and visual equipment. Field Maintenance once again there was discussion regarding firefighting equipment this time it was suggested that the jet flyers be consulted as regards to taking a more active role in the club especially as regards fire prevention it was agreed that further discussion of the matter would be tabled until that group was consulted.

  • New Business:

    • President Sundheimer gave the board members each a copy of the letter of complaint about noise coming from the field within the park, it was agreed that a letter should be written by the President to the complaining person addressing her concerns, a discussion about the contents of the this letter followed. It was agreed by all members of the board of this complaint should not be taken lightly and that the content of the letter should reflect not only this but the clubs dedication to preventing our being anything less than a good neighbor should be reviewed. Such things as a designated flight box as described in our lease and the limiting of decibel levels emitting from our motors should be discussed. It was agreed by the President that this letter would be reviewed before being sent.

  • The final discussion of the meetings was in regards to the news letter. Mike Cameron asked for sample copies of the old news letter which Dick Bobb agreed to provide. Progress at this point includes a few volunteers to act as associate editors.

  • There being no further business under discussion the meeting was adjourned at 8:22pm

Mike Cameron

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