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SRQ Membership Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2014

  • The meeting was called to order @7:12 P.M. by President Sundheimer.

  • Mike Winter led the 38 members present the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • Mike Winter introduced a new member Greg Fagan to the membership.

  • George Jenkins led the inaugural ceremonies installing the new board members.

  • President Sundheimer asked if there were any corrections to the December minutes. Hearing none, the minutes were approved as published.

  • Martin DeRoy presented the treasurers report for December: there being no questions the report was accepted as published.

  • Carl Ziegler was not in attendance but there was some discussion regarding training and it was requested of all members present that new instructors be recruited.

  • Dick Bobb brought up questions regarding the clubs defibrillator and the need for training and CPR. George Jenkins volunteered to set up class for the purpose of training for same. There was no motion or vote on this subject.

  • Al Jensen reported that the present membership stands at 248. At this time new club rosters were distributed to those who wanted them. The subject of field badges was brought up. The motion was made and passed to continue to issue club badges.

  • In compliance with the request from the Board, Andy Novetzke will remain the field safety officer for another 14 days or until a replacement officer can be appointed.

  • A motion to grant legal use of field to the Golden Eagles fly-in on April 26th was made and passed. John Hall will act as CD for the event.

  • A motion was made and passed to award Phil Bender and honorary membership and plaque. The vote was unanimous and the plaque will be presented to Phil by Dick Bobb.

  • The president announced to the members present that Saturday June 14th had been agreed on for a joint fly-in with the Venice club. He further stated that the event will be a social event not a competition. He called for a motion on this event which was voted on and passed. The president also presented a flyer for the Wings Over Venice event to take place on February 28th through March 2nd.

  • The raffle was held and Dick Bobb won an R/C aircraft kit. Also Joe Fast won an electric Cessna 180 which was donated by Troy Built Models.

  • The final event of the meeting was a twenty minute presentation given by Mike Cameron on the Convair and Lockeed VTOL aircraft know as the pogo’s.

  • There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:30.

Mike Cameron


George Jenkins (white SRQ shirt) continued the long standing tradition of swearing in the new Officers.



President Steve Sundheimer upper left, Secretary Michael Cameron upper right, Martin Deroy
treasurer lower left and the three Board Members Alden Fonseca, Vince Veltri and Dick Bobb.


Our 2014 leaders. Missing Vice President Davis Hasler.


Mike Cameron presented an extremely interesting program on the US Navy's vertical
take off and landing aircraft. In fact when he was 14 he witnessed the one and only flight
of the aircraft pictured on the right. Mike showed a video of the flight. Isn't the internet great!



The Cvetan brothers Michel and Nicolas ran the raffle.
Dick Bobb (l) won the advertized prize and Joe Fast won a donation by Troy Built Models.


A motion was made and passed to award Phil Bender and honorary membership and plaque. The vote was unanimous and the plaque will be presented to Phil by Dick Bobb.

SRQ BOARD Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2014

  • All members of the board being present Steve Sundheimer call the meeting to order 7:05pm.

  • President Sundheimer inquired if there were any corrections to the previous month's minutes. Hearing none, the minutes were accepted into the record as published.

  • Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Deroy presented the December financial report. There being no questions, the report will be presented to the membership.

  • Presidents report:

    • The president discussed the police report on the vandalism of 12/23/13. He noted that the surveillance tapes of that event were in the possession of David Speed. The president noted that Dan Williams has agreed to a join fly- in at our field on Saturday 6/14. The president discussed the issue of having those committee chair people for 2013 remaining throughout 2014. He pointed out that the Safety Officer should be a board member and if necessary a deputy might be appointed to serve on his behalf. Membership status was discussed and it was agreed that are present membership stands at approximately 240.

  • Vince Veltri reported $380 in venue from the war birds meet and turned said venue over to the treasurer.

  • Field Maintenance:

    • Dick Bobb reported that the field signed was being updated with the names and numbers of the new board members.

  • Training:

    • Discussion was held regarding the problem of students waiting for instructions it was agreed that better communication between that committee chairman and club instructors should be improved to make certain that flight instruction begins in a timely manner.

  • Old business:

    • There was no old business discussed

  • New business:

    • The matter of helicopter and fixed wing compatibility was discussed in some depth. It was agreed by all members of the board that a certain individual's flights although skillful represented a clear and present danger to both spectators and club members alike. It was noted that this individual has not been compliant with those request to alter his flights to more closely adhere to club flight patterns and procedures. It was decided that if there is future non-compliance with the Club's fight patterns and procedures, a second letter will be written which could result in suspension or expulsion from SRQ/RC.

  • News Letter:

    • The continuing dilemma as regards the news letter continues to be discussed. It was agreed that under some investigation by Mike Cameron that the form and format i.e contributing editors, advertising, and things of interest in general will be explored in order to make the news letter more interesting and entertaining.

  • Fire Index:

    • There was discussion regarding the efficacy of our present fire index especially as it applies to jet and electric flying there is an alternative index which may detect the fields flammability accurately since it involves moisture content down to six inches this will be further investigated the club may or may not elect to change that index. Also as regards field fires it was suggested that the club might consider fire fighting equipment up to and including a four wheel drive vehicle.

  • There being no further business under discussion the meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm

Mike Cameron